• Cool jazz, free jazz and evolving jazz conventions

    By Zuko Komisa The late 1940s came with a changing tide that gave birth to an original style of jazz music called cool jazz, a sound which was a reaction to the then popular and funky fast paced bepop movement. This was done using slower, relaxed and softer sounds. Pioneers of Cool Jazz Lester Yo...

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  • What we can learn from Miles Davis’ embodying “The Cool”

    By Zuko Komisa Looking back in the last few decades, one can’t ignore the effortless swag that came with the jazz ensembles as they cresendo’d melodic masterpieces. Innovation and fashion at the center of their performances, with blends of timeless classics and an elevated taste in style and eleg...

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  • The impact of jazz on American culture – #RebirthOfCool Jazzuary 2019

    By: Natasha Archary     One of the most difficult genres of music to describe, would have to be jazz. Evoking deep emotion, passion and feeling, the soulful sounds of jazz – The Rebirth Of Cool takes over Kaya FM, this Jazzuary.   Jazz remains one of the most highly ranked genres of music wo...

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