• [WATCH] Writer Lindokuhle Nkosi gives a Jazzuary 2019 Masterclass

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  • Jazz Theory – Jazz Chords

    Jazz Chords For this section, a prior knowledge of intervals and chord triads is necessary. In jazz styles, it is rare to see a chord that is simply a triad. This is because, simply, a triad is very boring. By extending the chord to the seventh (or further) it adds extra colour to the chord, and ...

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  • Jazz Theory – Syncopation

    Syncopation Despite the freedom and improvised nature of jazz music, there are several common elements that help to define something as being jazz. One of the more technical elements is called syncopation, or an unexpected rhythm on the off-beat. Western music is built upon several expectations. ...

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  • Jazz Theory – Improvisation

    Improvisation Jazz improvisation is the process of spontaneously creating fresh melodies over the continuously repeating cycle of chord changes of a tune. The improviser may depend on the contours of the original tune, or solely on the possibilities of the chords' harmonies. It has been said that...

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  • Jazz Theory – The Structure of Jazz

    The Structure of Jazz Much of what happens in jazz is strongly influenced by the rather rigid structure of the genre. But, far from being an obstacle, the structure provides a set of agreed-upon “rules of the game” that allow musicians to come together and play jazz with little more advance commu...

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  • A Love Supreme — Jazz and its instruments

    The Sounds of Jazz Lois Armstrong inspired an entirely new generation of musicians all thirsty for knowledge. It wasn’t anything that he said that moved the masses, but how he played the instrument that he loved so much. His ability to improvise while seducing the crowd with his unique blend of s...

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