• A jazz classic that inspired poetry

    In 1965, US jazz saxophonist and bandleader John Coltrane released A Love Supreme, which was considered his best work and has since lived up to that title. A Love Supreme came in four suites: Acknowledgement, Resolution, Pursuance and Psalm and plays an important role in how we understand and wri...

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  • Artists Jazz Forgot

    What happens to a dream deferred?  Does it dry up Like a raisin in the sun? Or fester like a sore— And then run? Does it stink like rotten meat? Or crust and sugar over— Like a syrupy sweet?  Maybe it just sags Like a heavy load.  Or does it explode? Harlem by Langston Hughes […]

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  • Meet Benjamin Jephta – Standard Bank Young Artist of the Year 2017 (Jazz)

    Standard Bank recently announced their 2017 Young Artist winners in the categories of music, dance, performance art, visual art, theatre and jazz. These awards are given to six promising or accomplished artists each year, selected from among the most interesting and brightest creative talents in ...

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  • Welcome to Jazzuary 2017

    We have ushered in a new year, and with it, another round of Jazzuary. Over the years, the month-long commemoration of jazz that we dubbed Jazzuary has become an enormous part of the Kaya FM fabric and has become an essential part of the Afropolitan experience. Once again, we return with a month ...

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