• What’s the Jazz Soundtrack to Your Life?

    Jazz, much like other music genres, has eras and each era is marked by its stars and the music they made. Swing jazz had Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway and many other New Orleans cats. Bebop had Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, the Jazz Epistles and many others. Free jazz on the other side had th...

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  • Priceless Jazz Experiences

    As the credit card advert says, some things, regardless of how much they cost, are just priceless. It doesn’t really matter how far you had to fly or if your luggage got lost when you’re pursuing a pure, incomparable experience. Some would name Woodstock as that experience, while South African ja...

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  • Jazzuary Art Exhibition – ‘Considering Genius’ – Artists’ Interviews


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  • The influence of Jazz on fashion

    The influence of Jazz in fashion Fashion and music go hand in hand because it gives you the visual and auditory experience of an era which you can relive over and over again. The Jazz Age happens to be one of the most influential fashion eras of our time, with its remnants still resonating our [&...

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  • The jazz capitals of the world

    Jazz resonates. That is what has made the music and stories carried by that music relevant all through its history. The familiar echoes carried by music that has become a language, a language that has found a home in many cultures and hearts. For the jet-setting Afropolitan who likes to visit new...

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  • Smooth as Jazz

    From the humble beginnings of the soothing bass and smoking piano in Speakeasy’s that littered the prohibition age, to magnificent festivals that draw a pilgrimage of Jazz lovers, one thing is always a constant within this eclectic community – Jazz lovers love their liquids.   That isn’t to...

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  • A bite of Niki’s Oasis

    Newtown holds a distinct place in the South African arts and culture scene. There is history and prestige, in both activism and the arts, that references the place. Today, many of the streets in the precinct are named after South African greats! Miriam Makeba, the saxaphonist Ntemi Piliso, Henry ...

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  • New Age African Jazz Artists

    South African music has been textured by jazz music, creating a melting pot of indigenously African jazz, an ever-changing array of inspiring sound. Greats such as Hugh Masekela and Miriam Makeba have held the reigns and left legendary boots to fill. We look at some of the young men and women who...

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