• Cool Jazz album art

    By Nomali Cele For many years, the joy of music was both in listening to it and holding the physical copy in your hands. Jazz is no different. From vinyl of the 1950s to cassettes and CDs later as things began to change; holding a jazz album in your hands gives you a chance to […]

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  • The nation mourns the passing of Mama Dorothy Masuka

    By Zuko Komisa The nation mourns the death of legendary african jazz musician Mama Dorothy Masuka, confirmed last night by her family. She was a pioneer, and celebrated style icon. Mama Masuka was hailed internationally as a renowned artist who during the darkest days of the nation's struggl...

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  • Jazz influences the arts: Movies that are jazz centered

    By: Natasha Archary   I remember the first time I watched Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. All of thirteen, I fell in love with choreography and dance. Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t exactly push me in the direction of following through and committing to a dance class, but I ha...

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  • There’s jazz and then there’s Miles Davis’ “Birth of the cool”

    By: Natasha Archary   Any jazz enthusiast will have come across the name Miles Davis in the archives of jazz history at some point. If you haven’t yet, rocks aren’t really that comfortable you know. He’s only the pioneer of jazz. Decades later, his album “Birth of the Cool” is still the most talk...

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  • [WATCH] Vuma Ian Levin presenting a Jazzuary Masterclass


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  • Dances that were birthed from jazz – #Jazzuary2019

    By: Natasha Archary   If you’ve watched any of those reality talent shows, you’d be familiar with the different forms of dance and music genres that jazz influenced over the years. Shows like “So you think you can dance,” “America’s got talent”, and their worldly spin-offs have been a platfo...

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  • The impact of jazz on American culture – #RebirthOfCool Jazzuary 2019

    By: Natasha Archary     One of the most difficult genres of music to describe, would have to be jazz. Evoking deep emotion, passion and feeling, the soulful sounds of jazz – The Rebirth Of Cool takes over Kaya FM, this Jazzuary.   Jazz remains one of the most highly ranked genres of music wo...

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