Yakhal’inkomo: Portrait of a Jazz Classic

yakhal inkomoTitle – Yakhal’inkomo: Portrait of a Jazz Classic Author – Percy Mabundu Publisher – N/A Genre – Biography Review – “Yakhal'inkmo - Biography of a Jazz Classic is a book written by South African journalist, Percy Mabandu about Winston Mankunku Ngozi's 1968 jazz record. Part historical account, part speculative prose, this book aims to delineate the life and excesses of one of South Africa’s most important jazz masterpieces. The author uses research, interviews and poetic interventions to tease out a meaningful remembering of Yakhal’inkomo - the song and the man through whom it was revealed along with the times out of which it was conceived and heard.” (source: Percy Mabandu) “Beyond being just another genre, jazz has, in many ways, been a soundtrack to poignant experiences in South Africa’s history and politics. Award-winning writer and journalist Percy Mabandu explores the significance of the genre in his new book, Yakhal’ Inkomo… The book is named after a well-known jazz tune. When it was recorded in 1968, it became synonymous with apartheid politics. Yakhal’ Inkomo explores the life and work of the song’s writer, legendary saxophonist Winston “Mankunku” Ngozi.” (source: News24)


  1. Fred Khumalo says:

    Is the book available yet? If so, where?

  2. Trinisha says:

    Hi Fred,

    I am not sure that the book is commercially available. Could you perhaps try and contact the author via the book’s facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/YakhalInkomo-Portrait-of-a-Jazz-Classic-1522587744664426/. You are likely to get more accurate information about the books availabity there.

    Thank you,

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