Explore Afro Cuban music in these three Cuban cities.

22 April 2019 Articles Latest Lifestyle Music Timeline Travel

By Zuko Komisa

While the internet allows us to experience, virtually that is, what is out there in the worlds, nothing comes close to experiencing a cultural exchange like traveling to the source of origin. The same can be said about Afro Cuban music, the world influence it has, and the impactful cultural interchange its roots have with people.

A celebration of African Carribean infused culture through music will lead you to these three cities in Cuba; Havana, Santiago De Cuba, Camagüey all of which are rich in history and music.

Havana-1 Havana-Maestros-press-photo-cr-Eduardo-Rawdriguez-2017-billboard-1548


Founded in 1515, it is the capital city of Cuba, the largest city and leading commercial center of Cuba. If there’s one place where you will find aunthentic Afro-Cuban music maestros it is definetly in this gourgeous historical city.

Places to visit

  • Museum of the Revolution, a former presidential palace.
  • Do a walking Tour of Old Havana, a place with a incredible story, character and culture all in one place.
  • Havana Bay you will tour of the local church and speak with the Afro-Cuban community of Regla.

Make time to interact with locals to learn more about community art projects and their creators, as well a chance to Afro Cuban experts

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This is the birthplace of some of Cuba’s most famous musicians, a place that played a big part in the Cuban revolution.

Places to visit

  • Make a trip to the world-renowned Buena Vista Social Club, where some of the most iconic Afro-Cuban albums where recorded in a space of two weeks in 1996 Afro-Cuban All Stars ‘A Toda Cuba le Gusta’, ‘Introducing…Rubén González’, and the fabulous ‘Buena Vista Social Club™.
  • In July every year Santiago is also the location of the famed Carnival celebrations, filling the street with Afro Cuban & conga music, dancing, parades.
  • Visit the Caribbean House for a cultural exchange with residents to learn about the history of the people.


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The city of Camagüey is known as the cradles of Cuban culture and Afro-Cuban music, a city that was built as a maze to confuse pirates.

Places to visit

  • A historian tour of the many UNESCO-declared sites here will take you through its cobblestone plazas and past historic statues and lavish churches.
  • Nighlife is a major hit with tourists in this area, with tourists enjoying live Afro-Cuban jazz show a sure way to connect with the pulse of the culture.

There is a saying that goes Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow”, a trip to Cuba will open your eyes to one of the world’s most humbling, authentic and deep-rooted Afro-Cuban music culture.