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Kaya TV – All Day Celebration of International Jazz Day 30 April

29 April 2020 Music

Kaya FM and Standard Bank have brought together an exceptional lineup of musicians to celebrate the Roots and Routes of African Jazz virtually, which viewers can access online for free.

“Our hosting of Jazzday2020 is a timely opportunity to elevate our country’s gene pool of jazz, by sharing the untold stories of our virtuosos, practitioners, through our various mediums and online spaces”, expressed Brenda Sisane, Executive Director of International Jazz Day South Africa and host of The Art of Sunday.

Stream this celebration on #KayaTV on the 30 of April – International Jazz Day:

10h00 Herbie Hancock message to South Africa – video and Masterclass

11h00 Mezza Ginsberg Concert Stream

13h00 Etienne Charles Creole Soul TV Big Band

17h00 Luyanda Madope Piano Dedication- featuring Lwanda Gogwana

18h00 Dyertribe Presents – A Piano Flute and Soprano dedication

19h00 International Jazz Day Global Artists Streaming via jazzday.com for this.

  • A joint performance by McCoy Mrubata and Paul Hanmer – both artists are part of a collective of musicians born in the 50s and 60s, who are currently passing on the baton to younger musicians of this day.


  • Steve Dyer and Bokani Dyer whose working relationship lies a commitment to showcase this region through sonic experiences that employ indigenous forms and styles.


  • Luyanda Madope takes us on a journey through the story of a young artist paying homage to his elders and echoing their vision in contemporary times.
  • Lwanda Gogwana’s masterclass will focus on theoretical and performance aesthetics of two birth styles of South African Jazz; Marabi and Kwela.

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