Avant Garde Troupé

Scheduled on:
Monday 09:00 12:00
Wednesday 01:00 04:00
Saturday 19:00 22:00
Sunday 15:00 18:00

The Avant Garde jazz is a cutting edge jazz exploration show, led by the esoteric Avant Garde Troupé movement, who seek to open new doors within their realm of interest. The movement aims to put new spins on classic dance culture and come up with something truly innovative that represents their eclectic, avant-garde musical taste.

The show is structured as an analogy to a space flight to Planet Saturn, fragmented into three respective hours i.e. ‘Lift Off’, ‘On-Orbit’ and ‘Planet Saturn arrival’. Just as the Space shuttle takes off in a form of a rocket. Burning fuel that produces gas to thrusts it upwards to escape the Earth’s gravity into Space to reach a planetary surface. The music selected follows the same ballistic trajectory, where more sophisticated than regular dance music is identified and given platform, on the scale of Avant Garde Jazz, NuJazz, Hip Hop, Afro-beat, amongst others