Umuthi, a Jazz Invocation

Scheduled on:
Monday 19:00 22:00
Wednesday 09:00 12:00
Friday 01:00 04:00
Every Monday, Castro, a master selector, presents a a show that explores jazz music as a discipline, doctrine and way of life. The show is inspired by the jazz clubs, underground music movements, genuine music lovers, Jazz archivists and innovative players within the Jazz space. This show seeks to reintroduce the music to the young and matured. Umuthi, a Jazz Invocation, showcases musicians and jazz lovers in general from all walks of life, painting a vivid picture of the feeling that the music creates.
Castro takes you on a journey through meditation, spiritual reflections and seeking education on Jazz. Pioneers of jazz music is honoured, and nostalgia is evoked. The journey continues by seeking what’s new on the market, presenting rare jams and discovering what is happening the world of jazz. Finally, “the clap n’ tap hour” explores jazz that has a groove and funky to it, with a general dance undertone in the spectrum. The aim of the show is to include all jazz aficionados through DJ Jazz mixes, in studio profile interviews, and tp create a platform for jazz lovers to share what jazz means to them.