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23 December 2015 Articles Culinary Latest Lifestyle

From the humble beginnings of the soothing bass and smoking piano in Speakeasy’s that littered the prohibition age, to magnificent festivals that draw a pilgrimage of Jazz lovers, one thing is always a constant within this eclectic community – Jazz lovers love their liquids.   That isn’t to say that any old alcohol will do either, the jazz lover has a pallet as smooth as their taste in music. When thinking of what you might see in the hand of a smooth operator, you can be sure that there is a mature whiskey in that glass. Let’s dig a little deeper into what the jazz lover could be sipping on in a crowded lounge.

Bourbon Blues
There is a reason why a street in New Orleans shares a name with the very American drink. Named after the jazz fuelled stretch, this corn based whiskey is a firm favourite amongst many Jazz lovers. Here are a few of the best:

  • Jim Beam Single Barrel
  • Bulliet Bourbon

Cognac Classic
The very French liquor is another favourite for the discerning Jazz fan. Enjoyed on the rocks with Nina Simone playing in the background, here are a few popular brands in South Africa:

  • Hennessy VS
  • KVW Heritage XO Cognac

Gin fuelled Jazz
Gin got a bit of a reputation during the prohibition era because everyone was turning their bathtubs into distilleries. Gin just happened to be an easy alcoholic drink to replicate and so the gin and Jazz club revolution began. Here are some better, less soapy options for you now:

  • Gordon’s London Dry Gin
  • Woodstock Gin

Whiskey a Go Go
Whiskey – or whisky – is still a heavily regulated spirit the world over and is classified by the type of grain used during the fermentation process. This spirit is definitely suited to the diverse Jazz lover because of all the variety available. Here are a few to choose from:

  • Jameson Select Whiskey
  • Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey

Prohibition might be long over in America, but it is largely thanks to them that we now have such distinct taste when it comes to music and spirits. The distinguished jazz lover also drinks responsibly, so enjoy the flavour in moderation.

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