Welcome to Jazzuary 2017

28 December 2016 Articles Latest Most Popular

We have ushered in a new year, and with it, another round of Jazzuary. Over the years, the month-long commemoration of jazz that we dubbed Jazzuary has become an enormous part of the Kaya FM fabric and has become an essential part of the Afropolitan experience. Once again, we return with a month that promises to be filled to the brim with love for the art form of jazz. For the second year in a row, Jazzuary 2017 will follow the theme of Masterclass.

What is the Jazzuary Masterclass?

Thinking of a jazz masterclass brings to mind a room full of jazz prodigies hoping to absorb one last piece of information, which promises to take them one step further in their journey. For us, however, we want the jazz masterclass to be a conversation between peers exchanging information, stories and memories. The people in the room have different levels of experience and knowledge but it’s a give and take situation.

Instead of a teacher and student dynamic, we picture Dollar Brand, Thelonious Monk and Nomfundo Xaluva jamming. In another room, there’s Coltrane and Siya Makuzeni…Coltrane wants bass so Benjamin Jephta steps inside the room to join them. In heart of this Jazzuary house, the likes of Mary Lou Williams, Ella Fitzgerald, Sibongile Khumalo, Nora Jones and Nat King Cole are running vocals.

The Jazzuary Masterclass is a month-long conversation with something we all love so much and a conversation with each other. Most importantly, this year we hope to discuss what jazz can mean going forward.

How will we have the conversations?

Jazzuary is, first and foremost, a conversation that takes place on air on Kaya FM. From interviews to clips of historic moments and oral histories of jazz, these conversations around jazz music and culture will be found on 95.9FM throughout the month of January 2017.

There will also be live, unplugged performances at Kaya House (and on air). This way, jazz-loving Afropolitans can meet in real life and share in a masterclass. Over the years, we have taken your feedback and worked hard to make the month-long celebrations of jazz enjoyable, insightful. Jazzuary is aimed at boosting jazz culture, we invite you to join us.

Are you excited for Jazzuary?

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